Quick Home Design Tutorial


The Six S's:


Are you ready to design your own space?

Basic knowledge of home-building helps save you time and money. Getting your plan built will cost far less if you get the plan right the first time! This website can assist you to design your own home! We are there for you from start to ending!

  • Review the Six S's

  • Browse home ideas online!

  • Hand sketch your basic layout or preliminary design for your home before starting to draw online.

  • Watch and read the tutorial before you download the free software(three week trial) that U-Design Homes will use to convert scaled and dimensioned building plans.

  • Buildable plans can be site specific, so be sure you own the land for which you are designing your home. If you want the home to be approved by your city or county, make sure the home fits within the boundaries of your lot. All properties have specific setbacks from their property lines. Mark these on out so you can properly fit your new home to your land! Check to see if there are any liens, ordinances, or easements that would prevent building on your land. Consider the locations of where your utilities enter your property to determine locations coming into your structure.This is your plot plan, required for all permits. An letter size scaled sketch is usually acceptable. Check with your local authority for requirements. If you are not able to make these drawings, we can help! Just use the Contact Me button!

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