Tutorial: Sunlight by U-Design Homes



Sunlight(for US and Canada)

Planning Around The Sun


  • If you like sunlight in the morning, strive to place a window to the East.
  • A slight North direction will get direct morning light for a brief time.
  • South facing windows will get mid-morning light.
  • Windows that face West will be dark in the morning, but well lit in the eve.
  • Kitchens

  • Consider the time you spend the most in the kitchen.
  • Display your kitchen next to your dining and breakfast rooms.
  • Many find space above the sink for a window or use skylights.
  • If you use a television in your kitchen, place it in an area that will not suffer glare from the light.
  • Living Spaces

  • Those who love to entertain usually prefer West facing Living Spaces.
  • Decks and Patios are popular to place on the West.
  • South facing living spaces heat up in the summer without protection. Use oversized overhangs on rooflines or shelter with a covered patio or deck.
  • Entertainment rooms need dark, especially in the eves. Refrain from placing windows on South or West facing windows for best screen viewing.
  • Breakfast/Dining Areas

  • Place your windows so the sun can fill these rooms at the appropriate time.
  • If these rooms are in extreme direct light, this is a prime opportunity for a patio or deck area providing an exterior eating area.
  • Multi-layered and dimming lights are suggested if your dining or breakfast rooms lack natural light.
  • Bathrooms

  • Bathrooms need light and ventalation! Windows provide both, but sometimes bathrooms end up in the middle of a home.
  • As an alternative, skylights and solar tubes can provide light from the top floor of a home.
  • A bathroom needs natural light if it will be used to prepare for the day. Position this bathroom in the house so that it has a window or light.
  • Other bathrooms, like powder rooms may be windowless.
  • If you rise and shine before the sun, or regularly use this room at night, a window is less needed for your bathroom.
  • Hide the view of the toilet area from the window.
  • Laundry Facilities

  • Due to the nature of laundry rooms heating up, it's wise to situate this room on the North or East sides of the home.
  • Exterior doors with windows in them can serve a dual purpose. Cover the doorstep with an awning or roof to shade on South or West facing walls.
  • Garages

  • South and West facing: Best for winter climates.
  • North and East facing: Best for hot climates.
  • If you must deal with the sun on your garage door, choosing a white or light color will help deflect heat.
  • Insulating a metal garage door will benefit any side in any climate.
  • Driveways

  • For flat driveways, the windows adjacent may need shaded to avoid overheating.
  • Driveways that have an incline should have proper drainage to prevent washing away or pooling according to the weather exposure it receives.