Tutorial: Structure with U-Design Homes




    Minimizing engineering cuts costs in planning and building. U-Design Homes team members know how to interpret local codes, are educated in structural design, and can suggest ways to save costs after reviewing your design.
  • Keep the upper floor contained within the space of the lower floor/s. Putting walls on top of walls beneath may provide the needed support to avoid engineering costs.

  • Trusses, joists, and beams have a maximum span, so remember if you have long distances between supportive walls, there may be more engineering needed.

  • If there are any specific Engineers you would like to use, U-Design Homes would be glad to work with them! Please include their email or other contact information with your preliminary plan submission. Please give them email contact information for engineers: engineerForum@u-designhomes.com

  • Engineering costs are will be separate and in addition to plan costs. For estimating purposes you will be given a general quote for engineering when you estimate your cost with the Houstimator. Usually engineering costs run from 2-10% of the home cost depending on the complexity of your design. Sometimes there are no engineering fees. It is recommended to choose an engineer in the city or county you are going to build your home.
  • Give your full scale .pdf or printed plans directly to your engineer. They will know what needs calculation. Your engineer can tell you their cost after reviewing your plans.